Micro-Point Tatoo

Micro-point tatooing is different than microblading. The difference is microblading uses a scalpel/small blade to make tiny cuts in the skin. Then the color is applied to these small cuts.
Micro-point tatoo uses a single micro-point needle. This device allows the needle to apply the color one point at a time improving the precise distribution of the color and application. This process allows more control to make individual hair like strokes, winged liner, or natural eyeliner, or even permanently plump up your lips with the perfect lipliner. Single micro-point needle ensures absolute minimal to no scar tissue to form, reduces swelling, redness, irritation, and infection. The micro-needle process also helps improve the quality of the skin.

Christine Oh is the leading clinician in the art of the micro-point single needle technique and the feather stroke technique.
Pigment only penetrates into the skin up to a depth of one millimeter. The pigment that is deposited creates hair-like strokes, giving the eyebrows a feathered appearance.

Micro-point tatoo is a form of semi-permanent make-up. Other areas that also can benefit from semi-permanent make-up include:

Micropigmentation delivers fantastic results. Specialized camouflage techniques can disguise and improve many medical conditionsx, such as: