"Finding Lori Goldenberg, a Board-Certified electrologist and RN, on the internet turned out to be an unexpected treasure. Lori is always professional, friendly and meticulous with her treatments and care. I feel completely comfortable and confident whenever I go to Lori. Her great sense of humor, her warmth, kindness and thoughtful manner makes the time fly by. She genuinely cares about her patients and is up on the latest medical care in her industry. I highly and without hesitation recommend her." — JA

"I'm a 40-something professional woman and have struggled all my life with facial hair. I bleached, waxed, shaved and, most recently, tweezed. I was tweezing twice a day and making a mess out of my face. I had ingrown hairs, bruising and HAIR! I kept my hair long and as close to my face as possible, but was still afraid when people got too close they would see the hair. I saw an advertisement for electrolysis with Lori Goldenberg and thought, why not try? After months of weekly treatment with Lori my face was completely healed—I didn't cringe when people got close, I cut my hair short and held my head high! What a life change! I'm a new woman! Thank you, Lori!" — LB

"I feel like a new me. Now when I look in the mirror, I see myself the way I always wanted to look. Lori did a great job on my face and body. She is very attentive to hygeine and in keeping the process as painless as possible. I felt confident going to Lori because in addition to being a Licensed and Board-Certified Electrologist, she is also a Registered Nurse." — TR

Many years ago I was having lunch with a couple of guys I worked with and the topic of personal grooming came up including unsightly ear and eyebrow hair that we men are prone to develop. I have been using electrolysis as a way of controlling unsightly ear and eyebrow hair ever since one of my colleagues recommended it that day. Over the years I have used the services of four different women. Lori Goldenberg is by far the best electrologist I have had the pleasure of meeting and the only one who is also a Registered Nurse. Lori is very professional, her office is clean and she utilizes the most advanced technology. Appointments are very pleasant and convenient to arrange on Lori’s website. I like to be well groomed for all that life has to offer. Lori has helped me to achieve that goal and I highly recommend her. — John, Bethel, CT